Black Gold defines rough necks

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Has anyone come across this show yet? Black Gold, on truTV, was just brought to my attention and it peaked my interest slightly. But all I can think about while watching the above video is that there is no way I could fit in with a group like this.

For starters, I like being clean and I do not possess the mouth that spews the foul language these guys do.Gerald has been doing the job a lot longer than I could ever imagine. I also know for a fact that I would never want to upset Tank. You can spot these guys from a mile away.

These guys epitomize the term "rough neck." They are very vocal in their arguments and want to intimidate whoever crosses them, and are not afraid to threaten throwing a punch if called for. Me? I would find myself cowering in a corner if one these guys thought I was mad at them.

Black Gold is another in a collection of reality television shows that take the viewer behind the scenes of some under appreciated jobs. Much like Deadliest Catch takes you on fishing vessels in search of crabs or Whale Wars explores the perils of fighting off Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Ocean, Black Gold shows you what it is like to live life drilling for oil. Bruises all over are nothing new for these guys.

If you get a chance to check it out (Wednesdays at 10pm, truTV), let me know what you think truTV BLACK GOLD. I'm curious what people think about it, especially the truTV BLACK GOLD characters.


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