Camping in Delaware

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Last week I took my first camping trip, not counting summer camp, with Stef and her parents. We camped at Delaware Seashore State Park, within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach.

What sounds like it would be terrific scenery was quickly proven otherwise as a bridge was under construction during the day right next to the park, and standing between the camp site and the beach. The sound of the pile driving started at 7:30am most days and was off and on through out the day until about 6pm.

Still have the rhythm of the pile driving in my head

There was also some weather that left a lot to be desired. I expected heat so I will not complain about that, but there was actually a bunch of strong wind activity and cloud cover that made the days at times feel a lot more like late September or early October than the middle of July.

One of the many ominous skies witnessed over the week

Aside from what felt like a typhoon blowing our camper back and forth Sunday night to the point where we were all fearing the worst case scenario and having images of The Wizard of Oz going through our minds, there were some nice photo opportunities to be had. Below are a couple more choice pictures taken by either me or Stef.
A flock of seagulls, not the band

Sunset on the inlet

Current wallpaper on my computer

Look closely. This is actually a DOUBLE rainbow!

Fishing on the inlet. I caught one fish,
and had a
second one escape at the last second.

As always, you can view the entire Picasa photo album by clicking here.

While I can not give you a recommendation for the camp site, you can check out the Delaware Seashore State Park for yourself. Below is a Google Map to help you plan your trip there as well.

View Delaware Seashore State Park in a larger map

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