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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clearly I am eager for the Wii adaptation of A Boy and His Blob to be released, but until it does I will share with you any updates that come out concerning the upcoming game.

Recently G4 set up an exclusive interview with some people in the know at WayForward, the company with a huge stake in A Boy and His Blob. Here are some of the basic tidbits concerning the game that came out of the interview;

  • The game will be a full fledged Wii game available on a disc opposed to being released as a WiiWare title.
  • The controls will use the Wii Remote and nun chuck but can also be played with a classic controller and hopefully a Gamecube controller.
  • The Wii will be the only platform for the game but WayForward would like to work out plans for other platforms, including the DS.
For the entire interview, including more discussion on some of WayForward's other games such as Contra 4, click here.

Also some new screen shots have been added to the gallery.

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