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Thursday, March 12, 2009

On Monday we took a look back at the NES classic that is Super Mario Brothers. Truth be told I could have broken up the SMB tribute to cover an entire week because there is so much I could have shared about the game. So why not take a look at the cutting room floor material and some stuff that didn't quite make it.

Vs. Super Mario Brothers
I mentioned the arcade version, Vs. Super Mario Brothers, and some of the differences in the game when compared to the home console version. To illustrate the differences better I wanted to share some video of the arcade port.

The following two videos are of a speed run, completing the game in a little over ten minutes, so you do not get to see every stage, but you should be able to get a sense of the differences if you are familiar with the original game.

Part 1

Part 2

Small Fire Mario
I brought up the famous glitch that takes Mario to the Minus Level, but I did not mention this graphical glitch that allows Mario to be small and to have the ability to throw fireballs. This is a little more difficult to achieve than the Minus Level, but it probably carries a better cool factor.

The glitch is all about timing. Normally when Super or Fire Mario touches an enemy he reverts to his original, smaller form. As Fire Mario at the end of a castle level, you must time it just right so that Mario touches Bowser and the ax that dismantles the bridge at the same time. Instead of shrinking in size Mario will appear as Super Mario. If he avoids enemy contact the next power up will be a super mushroom because the game believes that Mario is small. Touching the mushroom will actually shrink Mario though because he is already big. But the game has to switch Mario's size.

The next power up available will be the Fire Flower. Touching the fire flower as the glitch mini-Super Mario will give Mario a change of overalls and fire power, yet he will remain small.


Most people probably know about the infinite 1-up trick at the end of 3-1 by jumping on the Koopa Troopa on the steps leading to the flag pole, so I did not feel it necessary for bringing it up again. Anybody have any thing else Super Mario Brothers related they would like to bring to the table?

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