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Friday, March 20, 2009

Day one of the tournament is in the past and today figures to give many people an early start to the weekend with the completion of the first round. So, how many of you are ready to rip your brackets and toss them already?

Hang in there. Here are some links to kill a little bit of time today before you go off watching more basketball.

No one knows why people bite their nails - It's a mystery of life!

Stop blaming McDonald's for fat Americans - Instead blame...the Girl Scouts?

If video game characters could switch video games
- I am partial to #19 on the list. My favorite though may be #5 or #2.

Saturn: Moons in transit - Photo from NASA of my favorite planet...besides Earth of course.

Shuttle Endeavour in transit
- Awesome photo!

Top 10 worst Irish accents on film - Sean Connery makes the list twice (as does a certain actress). Never hire an Scotsman to do an Irishman's job.

Wii Shipments Surpass SNES Shipments Worldwide
- The NES total is expected to fall in September.

SNES Sound Archive - Speaking of the SNES, have you ever needed a sound byte of Mario jumping onto Yoshi, or Link picking up a rupee, or wanted to listen to the great music library of some games, such as Donkey Kong Country...


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