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Friday, March 13, 2009

Good morning! Are you ready for the weekend? I know you are. Here are some links to keep you "busy"today before punching out for the week.

The Pac-Man Dossier - Everything you could ever possibly want to know about the arcade legend.

The World's Billionaires - From Forbes. You have to feel sorry for some of these people. Some lost a lot of money this past year.

Sarah Palin: More Earmark Hypocrisy - The candidate for vice president who campaigned against earmarks is now requesting them for the state of Alaska. Gotta love politics.

Jim Cramer on The Daily Show - In case you missed it.

5 Facts About Friday the 13th
- Did you notice the date today? I always like the late Mitch Hedberg's joke about hotels not having a 13th floor..."People on the fourteenth floor, you know what floor you're really on. If you jump out the window you will die earlier."

Chart of TV Sit-com Houses - Homes on television always seem to have one of two layouts.

U.S. Immigration Explorer - Interactive map detailing immigration to the United States by foreign-born group.

The Future of Calvin and Hobbes - Perhaps it will return some day?

Periodic Table of Video Game Characters - Much more fun than the periodic table of elements.

Top Ten Infomercials - I want a Magic Bullet now.

Tribute to Fallen Sodas - Remember Pepsi Blue, Coke II, Slice, and Mr. Pibb?

Tribute to Discontinued Cereals - Remember Banana Frosted Flakes (I don't), Ice Cream Cones Cereal (no), Cinnamon Mini Buns (Yes!), Mr. T (no), or C-3pO's (no).

Angels accused of Steroid use - It appears there were no angels in the outfield.

Hands on with the Nintendo DSi - Video from C/Net

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