Following Up on Mario Monday

Thursday, March 19, 2009

On Monday we took a glimpse at the original version of Super Mario Brothers 2. Today we take a deeper look at the bonus levels in the game, designed for the Mario expert who has conquered the game.

Level 9
I mentioned the special bonus level nine, which can be accessed in the game by beating all eight original levels without using a warp zone. Below is video of the bonus level.

Levels A-D
I also mentioned that there are four levels for the experts of the game. In the original Japanese release (as well as in the version available for download on the Wii's virtual console) you must complete the game eight straight times.

Here is video of the four extra levels of game play, as seen in the Super Nintendo remake, Super Mario All Stars.

A-1 through C-4

D-1 through D-4

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