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Friday, March 06, 2009

First the game was announced. Then the screen shots were published. Now there is video.

The Wii adaptation of A Boy and His Blob is looking to be a pretty fun game. These videos come from IGN.com.

The first video shows that the new version of the game looks to have more of a level oriented goal. In the original you played a wide open map. Where as in Super Mario Brothers and Mega Man you had a definite start and finish to each level, A Boy and His Blob was an adventure game where you would seek out your own path to completing the game. Generally there were a number of different ways to complete the game.

This new Wii version seems to have that more traditional level design with a clear start and end in each stage.

The second video takes a trip down memory lane with what may be a tutorial stage. The scene is a modified layout of the original map from the NES game. You have to love the new bouncing ball form that the blob takes on, don't you? Unfortunately the second video cuts out just before hitting the water. I was curious if the bouncing ball does this once in the water.

The game looks pretty simple, taking on more of a puzzle approach than an action approach. That should be expected as A Boy and His Blob on the NES was very puzzling at times. Some of the animations look very smooth but there appear to be a couple wrinkles that need to be ironed out before release.

According to Majesco, who is producing the game being developed by WayForward, the game is slated for a fall release.

HT: Wii Blog

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