World Series Game Five Viewing Photos

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stef and I met up with the Deisslers and went to Chickie's and Pete's to watch the fifth game of the World Series. Well, that is to say we saw the first half of the game, but that's another story. The atmosphere was great and we were able to get a table with prime seating. When the game was officially suspended though everybody started to leave quickly.

The line to get in.

Deissler was fired up!

Stef got her face painted!

My view for the night. Here is the first pitch.

The premature ending to the night.

Stay tuned for more later though whenever the game does resume and, as I expect, the Series is clinched.

The problem is it is snowing today and it does not seem that game five will be resuming tonight. Who knows. Below is a photo taken today!

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