Bud Selig is an Idiot

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If the commissioner of major league baseball, Bud Selig, was the least bit competent, last night's debacle of a decision to suspend the game when he did would never have happened.

I'm not talking about everything that went down in the decision to suspend game five of the World Series in the middle of the sixth inning and trying to convince people it was in the best interest of the players (when they had already played in that rain for two innings and should have finished the sixth inning if that was going to be the call). I'm going back to the All Star game. No, not this year. The one in Milwaukee, the tied All Star game. If not for Selig's decision to implement home field advantage to the winning league in the All Star game last night's game would have taken place in Tropicana Field, in a dome no less.

The National League would have had home field advantage this year as it used to alternate between the leagues each year.

Bud Selig: American Idiot

The weather in the Philadelphia area looks to be pretty bad all day. I even saw snow this morning. Who knows when the game will resume, tied at two in the bottom of the sixth inning. Nobody can be happy about this on either side. When the game does resume the Phillies will be trying to finish off the Rays and clinch their second World Series title in franchise history. A win would also set off a fantastic celebration in Philadelphia for the rest of the week.

Let's get this game in and clinch it at home!

Heck, I have waited this long for a championship right? What's one more day?

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