Snowpocalypse Wannabe

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Days after we recovered from the second major storm in the span of a week, we were threatened once again by the fluffy white stuff. But this snow fall was pitiful compared to the previous couple of snow storms.

I dub thee Snowpocalypse Wannabe!

One other note,today marks the five year anniversary of the first post on Ramblings. I could have been a little more sentimental about this important date for the site, but I am much too busy to focus on it. I'm struggling to get on a regular blog schedule on this site lately as I am busy with Examiner content. I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel though so I should be getting back on a schedule that will allow for some pressure free blogging here in the near future.

For fun, read through this (poorly written, probably needs editing) post that christened the site. the topic? The NHL forfeiting their entire season.

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