New Super Mario Brothers Ending

Monday, February 08, 2010

Consider this a spoiler alert.

In conjunction with my list of games I have beaten in 2010 I want to archive the various endings to the games to go along with it.

Below is video of the final stage in the Nintendo DS game, New Super Mario Brothers using Luigi as the main character. To unlock Luigi you must first beat the game as Mario. You are then given a clue to hit the "L" and "R" buttons when selecting a game file at the main menu. Instead of Mario you will hear Luigi's voice and will play as Mario's taller, more slender, brother.

This player takes the cheap way out by running underneath Bowser as he jumps and hits the switch that removes the bridge from beneath the King of the Koopas. I will say though that I took the liberty of going the extra mile and knocking Bowser out with fireballs. I have no video t prove this so you will have to take my word for it.

That should do it for this week's edition of Mario Monday. Next week will mark the long-awaited return of regular Mario Monday content, with a look at Super Mario 64.

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