Double McTwist 1260

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The slogan for the McFlurry works for the Double McTwist 1260 as well.

If you have been watching the Winter Olympics like I have then you are very familiar with the term "Double McTwist". No, this is not the latest ice cream dessert being served at your local McDonald's restaurant, but I would find it hard to believe that the people in charge of McDonald's advertising department are not trying to get in contact with the biggest name in the winter games in Vancouver, Shaun White.

I know nothing about skiing or snowboarding, especially when you get into the lingo of different moves, but I know when someone is good. And I do not believe I need broadcasters to tell me (especially the NBC crew, who pales in comparison to the Winter X-Games staff). I had watched the Winter X-games a few weeks ago so I already was aware of the much hyped move, the Double McTwist. Even though there was no need for it in last night's snowboard half pipe final (White had clinched a gold with his first of two runs), you absolutely knew that White was going to display his latest trick.

In what amounted to a victory lap for White, the biggest star at the Winter Olympics did not disappoint with his exhibition run, which scored higher than his gold clinching run from the first round by two points. For a great breakdown of the Double McTwist I suggest you head over to The Sporting Blog where Dan Levy (of On the DL Podcast) has a terrific breakdown of each part of the move that is sure to be Googled a lot today.

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