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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I waited to vote until Stef came home from work. Because I was home for the large majority of the day I decided to soak in as much election day coverage I could on all the available outlets. When finished taking care of some errands and waiting for some responses from certain people I was watching CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News on TV and refreshing the websites for those networks as well as Politico and ABC News and random newspapers. I will give more specific thoughts and my grades for the election coverage from the media outlets I paid the most attention to later on, possibly this afternoon or tomorrow, but for now let me tell you about my voting experience.

Living in Souderton is vastly different than living in Philadelphia or even West Chester. I heard about long voting lines all day and about problems with voting machines all across the country all day long. Naturally I was curious if my line was going to be much longer than usual.

This is the line I waited in to vote.

It wasn't. I waited for approximately five minutes from the time I entered the line for my voting ticket to the moment I entered a voting machine. Heck, I waited in line longer just last Thursday at Modell's for a Phillies World Championship shirt (about an hour)!

This is the line I waited in at Modell's for a Phillies t-shirt last Thursday. It wrapped along the walls of the store.

In fact, the election line may have been the third longest line I waited in in the past week! Don't forget about the day America was given a free taco...

The line at Taco Bell, for a free taco, was longer than my election line.

When all was said and done I spent about thirty seconds behind my machine's curtain so I could overlook all of the candidates. My voting machine was easy to read and use, so I had no complaints there either.

When the night was over, Montgomery County went to Barack Obama with 60% of the vote. My hometown of West Chester and Chester County went to Obama as well with 54% of the vote. Philadelphia sent 83% of their vote to Obama and Centre County (Penn State) went to Obama with 55%. Allegheny County went to Obama with 57%.

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