Phillies and Penn State Atlanta

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I saw the highlights this morning of the Atlanta Braves beat down of the San Francisco Giants. As a Phillies fan I naturally had an interest in this game because the Braves are now in second place behind the Phillies and the Giants look like they could be a possible NLDS opponent for the Phillies in October.

I also like checking up on former Phillie Aaron Rowand, who plays center field for the Giants now. Last night Rowand came close to robbing Chipper Jones of a third inning home run but came up just short. It was a valiant effort of course, but I had to do a double take when I saw the highlight.

No, not to see how close Rowand was, but to check out this random fan who also tried to grab the home run ball...

Do you see what I see? Perhaps a closer look...

Yep, the fan who tried to grab the home run was sporting a Phillies hat and a Happy Valley t-shirt, which I would assume would be because he is a Penn State fan (or according to EA Sports' NCAA Football 2010, a Pitt fan).

Kudos to this fan for representing my two favorite teams at a ball game that has nothing to do with either. Full disclosure time. I tend to criticize fans that wear hats or jerseys of teams that have nothing to do with the game they are attending, even Jack Nicholson who last night wore a Yankees hat to the Phillies-Cubs game.

Still, both examples above are better than wearing a Phillies World Series championship t-shirt AND a Cubs hat to last night's Phillies-Cubs game, which a fan behind the Cubs dug-out did.

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