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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yesterday we took a look back at Super Mario Brothers 2. While I discussed some of the game play features and the characters within the game, what I failed to mention was the terrific soundtrack!

Super Mario Brothers 2 had some of the catchiest musical themes in the Mario cannon, with some being almost as recognizable as the original Mario theme. From the start SMB2 provides the gamer with some enjoyable music to soak in. As Mario starts his free fall to Sub Con you are greeted with a tune that would fit in an 1800's western saloon on the piano...

...of course that music comes after the classic character select screen.

As with all great video game music it should come as no surprise that aspiring musicians, and those who seak YouTube glory, are covering the music on all kinds of instruments. One of my favorites comes from YouTube video game sensation breantalfloss...

Of course there are plenty of piano players out there who do a nice job playing the classic themes. But what about the guitar players out there?

Of course, since this is my site you know I have to throw in a trombone video, right?

In closing though, it is tough to top a theme from an original Nintendo Mario game done on Mario Paint, a game we will discuss in the future.

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