Super Bowl Recap

Monday, February 02, 2009

That was the best ending to a Super Bowl I have ever watched. If you thought last year's ending as the New York Giants knocked off the undefeated New England Patriots was good, this was far better. I am still confused as to why the NFL officials decided that it was not worth taking an extra look on Kurt Warner's fumble at the end of the game.

David Tyree's catch may be legendary, but this was perhaps the best Super Bowl catch of all time...

(Photo source)

As for the commercials, ugh. Last year I posted my favorite Super Bowl commercials, but I feel no need to share them with you again this year. I feel that Budweiser/Bud Lite mailed it in this year. Pepsi had a good one, E*Trade tried duplicating their shocking success with a talking baby, GoDaddy was at it again with more college guy humor, and a lot of movies gave their first looks (G.I. Joe, Land of the Lost, Up, Fast and Furious and Star Trek to name a few).

You can use this widget below to view any of the Super Bowl commercials you would like.

What commercials did you like or dislike? What were your thoughts on the game? Why is it that in Philadelphia all the radio can talk about is how Donovan McNabb couldn't do what Kurt Warner and Ben Roethlisberger did last night? What about Jennifer Hudson's National Anthem or Bruce Springsteen's halftime (and his crotch in your living room sliding into the camera guy - that was funny)? Let me know what you were thinking about last night's festivities.

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