Domino Rally

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Yesterday's post got me thinking about Domino Rally. Did you ever have them? I had one set, the basic set.

There were a number of more elaborate sets but I guess that I never caught on to the fad enough to warrant my parents spending another dollar on the colored plastic dominoes. That is fine with me as I much preferred my parents' hard earned money to be spent on Nintendo games and LEGOs.

They were fun while it lasted but Domino Rally had flaws that would make them inferior to real dominos, and I'm not talking about the pizza delivery specialists. One thing that always bugged me was the fact that the domino pieces were lightweight and not a solid piece. What I mean was that the domino piece was hollowed out on one side. I never understood the reasoning behind that (I suupose it had something to do with cheapening the manufacturing and production of the pieces) and I always felt that that was the reason the pieces did not "work" all the time.

When I would set up dominos in my basic set many of my pieces would fall over. I usually set up my track on the kitchen table or floor because it was too difficult to stand up dominoes on the plush carpet throughout the house. My other complaint was the loop in the basic set. Setting that stunt piece up was a pain in the neck and I often refused to include it in my tracks. I do not remember what the problem was now. Was it a rubber band issue that I could never fix on the cheap plastic loop? I was seemed to have to point my finger at the loop and nudge it to get it going. It was just a nuisance.

The piece consisting of the two mini hills was the only piece I had that worked that I liked. Granted I only had two pieces to choose from but still. I loved the idea of that piece. It was a genius move to create that piece because as a younger person I can imagine I would get frustrated trying to set up a hill using books, or video tapes, or...I don't know...Nintendo games. The makers of Domino Rally took away that frustration and replaced it with a colorful contraption of their own. Thank you Domino Rally creators. Thank you.

Domino Rally survived into the early 90's but can still be found on the internet at various places.

Did you have any Domino Rally sets? Did you stack up regular dominos? Did you combine them? Feel free to share your domino stacking memories in the comments section.

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