GameStop doesn't care about Tiger Woods shenanigans

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcomes down payments for reserved copies of next Tiger Woods video game

On the surface of the video game business I applaud EA Sports for keeping Tiger Woods as their main attraction for their live of golfing video games. After Woods, the most recognized golfer there is, checked in to a rehab center to work on his sex-addiction (at this point I do not feel a need to remind you of the history - you know it by now) many corporate sponsors decided to wash their hands of Woods all together.

But EA Sports is different. Gatorade will still sell because they are Gatorade. And AT&T, as poor as their reputation is for service, still has an exclusive deal with Apple for the iPhone (and iPad) so it is not exactly as though they will be hurting without Woods' name. EA Sports though has a video game to market, and to do that you need a cover athlete that grabs the eye. Why else is so much attention given to the cover athlete for the Madden football series every year (My money is on Drew Brees for Madden '11)

In golf nobody can compete with Tiger.

And according to my e-mail from video game retailer GameStop this morning, they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the latest golf game from EA Sports, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '11...

Do you have any thoughts on whether or not EA Sports should be promoting Tiger the way they are? What about GameStop, who likely sent this same e-mail to a thousands and thousands of gamers this morning?

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