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Friday, December 12, 2008

I post a lot of videos I find on YouTube here, usually without much commentary. I share them because I find them interesting, funny, strange or just because they are some kind of fad that is going around. Sometimes I wonder how many people actually watch those videos and how many people stop by, see that there is a video (or a bunch of videos) and just skip over them. In the new year I am going to make it a resolution to provide more thought and conversation in a post, rather than just throw up a stupid video.

YouTube recently made some format changes to their service and are upgrading the way people watch videos on their site. What changes did they make? Wide screen viewing and high definition.

At first the wide screen option was cool, but all of the older videos already on the server broadcast in their original format, with the black bars along the side. Couldn't YouTube find a way to let these videos play in their original format? Or allow the video uploader an option to allow it to be played without the black bars? For instance, check out any of my videos and you will see there are black bars on the sides. I can't do anything about it. They are there for good. I have yet to upload video from the World Series parade as I haven't been able to get it on the computer. Whenever I do get it on the computer I plan to upload segments to YouTube which is when I will know if the uploading process gives me any options. Has anybody out there uploaded anything since the improvements were made? Please inform me!

Perhaps somebody will upload Strong Bad E-mail a Hundred, seeing as it was made for wide screen.

"If you lived here you'd have less non-broken bones and way more crushed spirits."

One more clip for you fans of Mario Paint...and Linkin Park.

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