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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am normally pretty easy going but there are some things that irritate me beyond belief. People who decide to smoke in a huge crowd walking out of a baseball stadium is among the top of my list, although people who smoke at all usually find themselves in this mix anyway. People with no regard for polite cell phone usage is another. A third is people who park in handicapped spots when they are not handicapped.

But what about when a limo parks over not one, not two but THREE handicapped spots? Well that's where I go over the top. As I left the Phillies game last night (photos up) I walked by a limo that did just that in front of the Wachovia Center. I feel that it was wrong to do this, so with my camera handy I decided to catch the illegal act on film (metaphorically speaking as I used a digital camera) for the world to witness.

You will notice that this limo spans three clearly marked handicapped spots. I was curious so I checked the licence plate for a handicapped plate. Nothing. What about a handicapped sticker hanging from the rear view mirror. Nada.

This, in my opinion is the job of a limo driver that should be held accountable. Do you agree? Below is the vital information for the vehicle...

By the way, the limo is the property of Luxury Limousine of Harrisburg. I only assume that the passengers in this vehicle were attending the Bruce Springstein concert at the Spectrum on Tuesday night, as the parking lot I was in was mostly for that event instead of the Phillies game.

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